Friday, April 29, 2011

Who doesn't approve of the SPRING!

Men's tank tops are back!

Since the plain, thin white cotton "wife beaters" that we were all a custom to, now we have a variety of fabrics, colors and styles that have become a fashion staple. They aren't just underwear anymore, they can be worn in the spring/summer with a great pair of jeans, slacks or shorts. I know there are questions such as "What if I have a thinner physique" or "How are they supposed to fit since they are not considered underwear anymore". The beauty of this item is that it looks good on most sizes, and they aren't usually made passed a certain size. So if they have it in your size then you can sport it. Now, when it comes to how it should fit depends on your own style. With your body frame being slimmer, you can wear your Tank Top a little more fitted. If your body structure is slightly bigger, than compliment it with a baggier fit. Trust, you won't look bad if it's loose fitting. Be creative, try different combinations such as Chuck Taylor’s (No socks) , with dress slacks (No belt) and a nice Tank Top. Or you can even wear a pair of flip flops with shorts and a Tank Top, lastly adding a COOL hat (Fedora, baseball cap, Snap Back etc..) Either way it is YOUR style so create the image that you want to portray!

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