Saturday, February 18, 2012

The RED alert...

With the spring/summer approacing, the color red is going to be very influencial in the upcoming two seasons style choice. Choose your classic red loafer, or kicks from the latest sneaker trend... Here are a few items that we thought you may enjoy!

Red/ Blue Nike Blazzers

Tods Gommino Red/White loafers

Red/White Addidas Samba's

 Solid Red Kenneth Colehaan's

Black/ Red Air Yeezy's

Red Suede Florio loafers

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Golden eye

If you have been under a rock for the last year or so in fashion, then it would be understandable for you not to know that rocking gold is back!  Though gold had taken the back seat and let platinum and white gold linger around for a while, it has resurface to regain its position in class and distinction.  Perhaps you may want to consider buying your self a timeless wrist piece.  The gold watch not only turns heads, but also looks great on any guy.  This buy is simply a no brainer (if you consider your self fashionable). 

Here are a few designers that are recommend by us...

Watch by Glam Rock

Watch by Casio

Watch by Michael Kors

Watch by Movado

Watch by Marc by Marc Jacobs

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Flowers for the living

A freshly picked flower represents fleeting beauty and life, and reminds us to live this moment before its gone (carpe diem). The male species is the one whom must draw attention to himself with color and adornment to prove his belonging to society, his peers, and mate. Few elements of men’s fashion are well understood by the general population. Fewer still are those particular touches to a gentleman’s look, such as the pocket square in a jacket, variations of designs in one’s socks or cufflinks on a shirt. Men tend to have an idea of what they like and deviate little from that idea (because we like things to be simple), and choose to remain ignorant of such little pops of flair that can turn a decent outfit into an elegant and memorable one.

Perhaps the least understood is the flower in the boutonniere, or buttonhole. This ever-present little line of stitches on the left jacket lapel is seldom utilized and almost never correctly exploited. The flower in the boutonniere is the perfect marriage and solidifies a gentlemen’s statue. It is just the right splash of class to differentiate your self from those who dress well to those whom are truly fashionable.

This style is very easy to execute… Insert the flower of your choice into the boutonniere hole which located on your lapel and let your image do the rest. Wah-lah! Explained in two sentences (laughs)


Important Boutonniere Points:

We discussed about not pinning a flower to the lapel, and here are some more important points to remember when sporting a flower.

• If you wear a flower with a pocket square, make there isn’t too much going on with your look. If there is, remove the pocket square (fresh flowers won’t last long so wear the flower while it still looks its best).

• Do NOT pin the flower to the lapel. A pinned flower is on par with clip-on neckties and cardboard pocket squares. No gentleman with decent fashion sense wears them. The buttonhole is there for this purpose, so use it. If the hole is closed, refrain from wearing a boutonniere or simply have the hole cut open by your tailor.

• Ensure color harmony with your boutonniere and the rest of your outfit (suit, shirt, necktie, and pocket square).

• A boutonniere is a single flower, not a small bouquet. No baby’s breath or leaves should show.

• You may find small vases that either hang from the lapel buttonhole or hold onto the lapel by a magnet. Wear them on the back of the lapel. Your flower is the point of interest, not what’s holding it, and the vase should not be seen. If the vase makes the lapel bulge, do not wear it.

• Poppy flowers are worn in some countries at a certain time of year in remembrance of fallen heroes. In the U.S., they are worn for Veterans Day or Memorial Day; in other countries, they are specifically for November 11th (Armistice Day).


Sunday, January 29, 2012

What color are you wearing?

Spring is around the corner, and it will be time for you to pull out your more vibrant colors for the day...  Every spring we typically see guy's sporting khaki shorts or your traditional navy blue chinos.  If that guy is you and you spring wardrobe consist of basic colors, it's time to add a pulse to your dying closet. 
The statement that is made by a guy who has on pants that consist of a color other than blue, brown or gray is CONFIDENCE.  It is the personality characteristic of your outfit.  A nice T-shirt, light sweater or button down shirt are some of many great combinations to be worn together.  In addition, you can virtually sport any type of foot wear of your choice while still making your outlay look good.  So for this spring, invest in a pair of pants that tell people that your are even cooler than the pants you have on!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Cool down your material

 It’s almost the middle of July, and the heat index will only be increasing for the next month or two.  Depending on what geographical area you reside in, summers can be brutal not only on your skin, but also on you wardrobe decisions.  The last thing you want to be doing is sporting a gorgeous suit that does the opposite of making you look good, because it's out of season due to the type of material it is.  Now, let me make this clear for those who do not know the difference between seersucker and linen. These are two different materials, which give off two different looks. 

* Linen is woven from the stems of flax, a vegetable fiber.
* Has twice the strength of cotton.
* Absorbs and releases perspiration quickly, thus allowing the fabric to "breathe". Linen is one of the most breathable fabrics, making it especially cool and comfortable to wear in the heat.
*Lightweight and absorbent.
* Not stretchy.
* Wrinkles easily.

* Seersucker does not refer to the fabric, but to a certain structure of fabric.
* It is usually made of cotton, but can be made from rayon or other synthetics.
* It has a puckered style so that it lifts off your skin and lets air circulate.
* Cotton seersucker is very breathable and cool in the summer.

Now that you the difference between the two, let us continue on with how to wear either one. Here are some suggestions on how and what to wear with both materials.

(1) Depending on the color of your suit or blazer, I would suggest that you wear lighter colors.  Besides the fact that softer colors are worn during the spring/summer, harder colors will take away from the effect that these materials create. I say this because darker colors attract more heat and the purpose of these materials are to lessen this effect.  Basically you will just be looking like a walking oxymoron if you decide to pair up the two.

(2) It’s ok to wear wingtips shoes with either material, but you want to give of a relax look so loafers or a casual shoe would better add to the image your trying to portray (remember no socks are a plus also).

(3) If it’s imperative that your wear a dress shirt and tie, try to wear a dress shirts that is a lighter material.  This also helps to eliminate you sweating and adds to your “relaxed” look.  If you have a choice to wear a tie or not, go for the option of not majority of the time.  An oxford shirt is what I prefer to wear because the small buttons help to keep your collar from expanding out of your jacket or blazer (unless you want to give off the Tony Montana look).

(4) I can’t stress this enough, a pocket square is essentials in today’s fashion sphere.  Be creative; try different color schemes and designs.  Your pocket square is a reflection of your personality.

(5) You can’t go wrong with a color V-neck T-shirt.  If your suit or blazer is a different color other then white, a white V-neck is always a crisp look.  But other then that, colors such as light purple, blue, pink, yellow, green, gray and orange are great also (these colors should all be pastel or soft).

(6) If you’re wearing a more casual shoe, change up your leather belt and add some color into your ensemble.

(7) If it’s a requirement to wear a tie at work or wherever you will be wearing these materials, a “skinny tie” will suit you best.  Regular size ties give off a more powerful and bold image, again you’re “relaxed” and “cool” so make sure your whole make-up complements your style.

(8) If you are a person who is just getting more into fashion, pleated pants, shorts or any pleats in that regard have become obsolete.  Unless you’re going for a specific look, stay away from this style on pant.  Flat front plants have replaced the guy who likes to sport pleats (thank God).

(9) You can mix-match your linen or seersucker colors.  For example, a white color blazer with a light blue pair of linen shorts are a good combination.  Grab your watch, throw on a nice stripe or solid oxford shirt and a pair of navy blue suede or tan leather loafers and you are on your way to the roof-top pool party downtown for a night of cocktails and laughter.

(10) Both of these materials wrinkle fairly easy, so you may want to steam them every once in the while.  But, not too much because you will ruin the material.  Actually linen looks a little bit better when it has some wrinkles in it.  Remember the casual look is the goal, so don’t give off a look that you spent an extent amount of preparation on your attire.

Not only do you want to be comfortable in these materials, you want to wear them with confidence.  Even with this advice, if you don’t carry yourself with confidence these tips will only take you so far.  The man makes the suit, not the other way around.

Adios gentlemen!

Friday, May 27, 2011

The All White event! (Happy Memorial Weekend)

Memorial Weekend has now arrived, and every weekend here on out there will be a host of all white functions to attend. The most difficult part we usually face is the challenge of abiding by this theme while still trying to be creative and different from the next person.  If you have not yet had the opportunity to attend an all white event, there will always be a person who tries too hard to stand out and does so by making a complete fool of them selves.  Trust me, you want to stay within the theme while still making a statement.  Here are some useful ideas that you can play with in order to get your mind generating for your upcoming events.

Pocket Square:

If you plan to wear an all white suit, incorporate a colorful pocket square.  This will enhance your look instantly.  A sharp pocket square will look good in any color on top of an all white based background.  Remember you want to wear lighter colors, so look into pastel colors and brighter schemes.  You can never go wrong with a plaid, striped, paisley or polka dot design.  Try to stay away from solid colors, you already have on plain white and you don’t want too look basic.   



If you want go with a more subtle approach, switch up your wrist wear.  It’s time to pull out the canvas interchangeable time piece.  This is a quick and easy way to spruce up your watch because it has several different bands that you can choose from.  If you do not have this type of watch you need to invest in one this summer.  It will come in handy when you have those days you just want to wear a nice V-Neck of T-Shirt.

Footwear/ Belt:



Now let’s say you want to sport some flat front white pants with either a button down,V-Neck top or Military shirt (long or short sleeve).  The next option for you to do is to wear some color in your footwear.  Depending on the type of event, you can wear a nice colored loafer or casual sneaker (no socks).  You don’t want to go over board with this, but this is a definite way to separate you self from the rest of the other guys.  If you want to wear a belt, remember it should complement your shoes.  I would go for a cotton belt during this season, unless you are wearing leather shoes then you would have to wear that same type of style around your waist. 

Hopefully these tips will be beneficial to you while you’re brainstorming the perfect outfit. Have a blessed weekend, be safe and enjoy!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Survey says... Wingtips!

When a lady looks down to view what type of footwear a guys has on, she should NEVER be disappointed.  A gentleman always should take pride into what type of shoes he is wearing.  Whether it is a causal sneaker, dress shoe, loafer or even sandals, the first thought that should run through her mind is class.  Think about it, if you take notice to what you put on your feet (what you walk on) how do you think everything else about you will be perceived? Elegant footwear is such tasteful beauty whether it is on a man, or woman.  If you invest in a good pair of shoes and take care of them, I promise you that they well be available upon years to come.

The Wingtip shoe is so versatile because it can be worn in many different ways.  You can dress them up with a nice suit or slacks or even dress them down with a nice pair of jeans or casual shorts.  FYI- Since the summer is around the corner gentlemen, your dress socks should stay tucked away in the sock draw.  Showing a little bit of skin is a good thing during this season, it gives off a cool but confident demeanor.  Whether you prefer to wear socks or not, the Wingtip shoe should not be in question.  I will tell you this much, walking and talking has never looked this good!