Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Flowers for the living

A freshly picked flower represents fleeting beauty and life, and reminds us to live this moment before its gone (carpe diem). The male species is the one whom must draw attention to himself with color and adornment to prove his belonging to society, his peers, and mate. Few elements of men’s fashion are well understood by the general population. Fewer still are those particular touches to a gentleman’s look, such as the pocket square in a jacket, variations of designs in one’s socks or cufflinks on a shirt. Men tend to have an idea of what they like and deviate little from that idea (because we like things to be simple), and choose to remain ignorant of such little pops of flair that can turn a decent outfit into an elegant and memorable one.

Perhaps the least understood is the flower in the boutonniere, or buttonhole. This ever-present little line of stitches on the left jacket lapel is seldom utilized and almost never correctly exploited. The flower in the boutonniere is the perfect marriage and solidifies a gentlemen’s statue. It is just the right splash of class to differentiate your self from those who dress well to those whom are truly fashionable.

This style is very easy to execute… Insert the flower of your choice into the boutonniere hole which located on your lapel and let your image do the rest. Wah-lah! Explained in two sentences (laughs)


Important Boutonniere Points:

We discussed about not pinning a flower to the lapel, and here are some more important points to remember when sporting a flower.

• If you wear a flower with a pocket square, make there isn’t too much going on with your look. If there is, remove the pocket square (fresh flowers won’t last long so wear the flower while it still looks its best).

• Do NOT pin the flower to the lapel. A pinned flower is on par with clip-on neckties and cardboard pocket squares. No gentleman with decent fashion sense wears them. The buttonhole is there for this purpose, so use it. If the hole is closed, refrain from wearing a boutonniere or simply have the hole cut open by your tailor.

• Ensure color harmony with your boutonniere and the rest of your outfit (suit, shirt, necktie, and pocket square).

• A boutonniere is a single flower, not a small bouquet. No baby’s breath or leaves should show.

• You may find small vases that either hang from the lapel buttonhole or hold onto the lapel by a magnet. Wear them on the back of the lapel. Your flower is the point of interest, not what’s holding it, and the vase should not be seen. If the vase makes the lapel bulge, do not wear it.

• Poppy flowers are worn in some countries at a certain time of year in remembrance of fallen heroes. In the U.S., they are worn for Veterans Day or Memorial Day; in other countries, they are specifically for November 11th (Armistice Day).


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