Thursday, May 26, 2011

Survey says... Wingtips!

When a lady looks down to view what type of footwear a guys has on, she should NEVER be disappointed.  A gentleman always should take pride into what type of shoes he is wearing.  Whether it is a causal sneaker, dress shoe, loafer or even sandals, the first thought that should run through her mind is class.  Think about it, if you take notice to what you put on your feet (what you walk on) how do you think everything else about you will be perceived? Elegant footwear is such tasteful beauty whether it is on a man, or woman.  If you invest in a good pair of shoes and take care of them, I promise you that they well be available upon years to come.

The Wingtip shoe is so versatile because it can be worn in many different ways.  You can dress them up with a nice suit or slacks or even dress them down with a nice pair of jeans or casual shorts.  FYI- Since the summer is around the corner gentlemen, your dress socks should stay tucked away in the sock draw.  Showing a little bit of skin is a good thing during this season, it gives off a cool but confident demeanor.  Whether you prefer to wear socks or not, the Wingtip shoe should not be in question.  I will tell you this much, walking and talking has never looked this good!

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