Sunday, January 29, 2012

What color are you wearing?

Spring is around the corner, and it will be time for you to pull out your more vibrant colors for the day...  Every spring we typically see guy's sporting khaki shorts or your traditional navy blue chinos.  If that guy is you and you spring wardrobe consist of basic colors, it's time to add a pulse to your dying closet. 
The statement that is made by a guy who has on pants that consist of a color other than blue, brown or gray is CONFIDENCE.  It is the personality characteristic of your outfit.  A nice T-shirt, light sweater or button down shirt are some of many great combinations to be worn together.  In addition, you can virtually sport any type of foot wear of your choice while still making your outlay look good.  So for this spring, invest in a pair of pants that tell people that your are even cooler than the pants you have on!

1 comment:

  1. Sorry bro...but no-can-do on the fruity skittles colored pants