Monday, May 17, 2010

The Fitting Chart!

The Shoulders: Your jacket should not drape passed the shoulder line seam, nor stop short before your shoulders brake. Notice that your jacket should fall where your shoulders ends.

The Seat: Your pants should not crunch between your thighs. That is a sure sign that your pants are too small for you. They also should not be below your waist line. Saggy dress pants or any pants at that is a fashion negative. Do you ever have a crunch in the front of your pants or the side? That's because your pants are a size or two bigger than they need to be. This creates a bulge look. Your pants should not come past you belly button. Your pants should lay straight down with NO crunch or bulge.

The Jacket Closure: Your suit Jacket should not fit with out any definition. The way your body curves is the way your jacket should hug your body. When your jacket looks wrinkled that means it is too small for you. Notice it should hug your body not squeeze.

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