Thursday, May 20, 2010

Size Does Matter

Most clothes are cut for a hypothetical model, unfortunately we all were not as blessed to posses such features. Knowing this, it’s no surprise that most men’s wear does not flatter those of us who may be taller, shorter, thinner, or heavier than the model that specific brand was made for. Majority of us would do far better having our clothing adjusted properly cut and proportioned in order to enhance any man’s appearance. While it is true that certain bodies clash with certain articles of clothing, by no means does one’s body type confine him to a particular style or image. What most men fail to realize is that the key to dressing well is discovering those particular clothing sizes and shapes that work for your body, and then complimenting that with the proper accessories.

Designers bombard us (the public) with images of brutally attractive models striking enviable poses. By objective standards, these may be too loose or too tight, excessively short or top-heavy, or otherwise unbalanced for the normal man. Models have jobs because they look good in anything, period. Trendy designer clothes only look good on you and I because they evoke the beautiful people on billboards and magazine spreads. When people tastes change (which is inevitable) in a few years or a single season, those who paid full price for designer clothes at the pentacle of their heights are just left with expensive clothes. One thing you must understand is that styles rotate because they are usually part of trends. But how much wiser is the man who buys clothes that are right for him, and wears them confidently knowing his style transcends the pettiness of fashion. What type of man do you want to be?

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