Monday, May 16, 2011

5 Sexiest cities for a single man to visit

Summer is approaching and it is time to grab your passport gentlemen.  We have selected the most sexiest cities for a single man to mingle.  These cities are filled with beautiful women, awesome scenery and great entertainment.  You owe it to your self to be treated once a year to a wonderful vacation alone or accompanied by friends.  We recommend that you visit these areas before you decide to tie the knott or seriously get involved.  Trust us, it's in YOUR best interest.  What city will you choose?

5: Tel Aviv- Israel
Israel's best beach town has a stellar nightlife, and the women aren't bad either.

Nightlife: 10

Women: 7.5

Sport: 7.5

4: San Sebastian- Spain
San Sebastian is an under-the-radar Spanish beach town with an impressive number of Michelin-rated restaurants.

Nightlife: 8

Women: 7.3

Sport: 6.5

3: Bangkok- Thailand
Bangkok, which has become a wildly popular party city in recent years, is known for its legendary beaches and dirt cheap prices.

Nightlife: 8.5

Women: 8.8

Sport: 7

2: Miami- Florida
This is no surprise here: with its gorgeous beaches, sexy women and unmatched nightlife, single men know Miami is an unbeatable vacation spot.

Nightlife: 9

Women: 8.4

Sport: 7

1: Sao Paulo- Brazil
Sao Paulo, home of the 2014 World Cup, is a haven for fútbol aficionados and a perennial favorite for its food and women.

Nightlife: 10

Women: 7.4

Sport: 8

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