Thursday, May 12, 2011

Who said BIG guys can't dress? The bigger you are the better!

I have been receiving a lot of feedback about how we do not have as many tips for larger guys as we do for  the slimmer one's. First we would like to apologize and we will begin to focus more on all shapes and sizes. With that being said, here are some useful tips that will help you in the process of not only buying your clothes but also how to wear them correctly. Tell us what you think. Enjoy!


1: Colors: Color blocking is an important aspect in dressing if you are a bigger guy. Try to dress in dark solid colors since it detracts light. For the most part stay away from lighter colors. Unless you are known as the big guy who knows how to put colors together, which then you would not really need these tips on how to dress. Familiarizing your self with the concept of monochromatic dressing will greatly help you streamline you silhouette. This is the simplest trick in the book utilized by most full figure women.

2: Pants: Choose flat straight cut pants without pockets if possible. Try experimenting with pants that have slim vertical prints. Patronize pants that have longer hems as it elongates the body vertically.

3: Stripes: You want vertical, not horizontal stripes. If you like to wear stripes such as those rugby polo shirts, skip the ones that feature very wide stripes and go for thinner lines such as pinstripe.

4: Tailoring: Embrace tailoring. This is what bigger guys are least likely to do, and most importantly the thing they should do the most. These suggestions about finding clothes 'that fit you' are well-meant but not likely to be helpful. Big guys are big in some places but not in others. Don't get yourself depressed searching for items of clothing that will fit you perfectly off the rack. Yes, you may have to spend some money, but you will look and feel great. Trust me!

5: Shirts: Try not to purchase shirts with pockets on the chest. Packing pockets on your chest will only increase your chest size. But, if a shirt with pockets does manage to find a way into your wardrobe, never put anything in the pockets.

6: Suits: For suits, men of larger stature look best in a single breast 2-button suit jacket. Double breasted suit jackets look best on men with a traditional narrow waist and, although fashion manufacturers may make them in larger sizes, you'll be more flattered in a simple single breasted jacket. Make sure you get the jacket buttons with no pulling across the shoulders. This is where you pay your friend called the “Tailor” a visit to fix you up.

7: Confidence: Most big guys lack confidence. This has to change! Hardly any of us have the frame of a 6’5- 215 pound model. But, you can act like you do. Virtually all of these tips do NOT matter if you don’t carry your self properly. Woman love a guy with confidence. Build your self-esteem while you are building your new wardrobe. You’re a big guy, embrace this and make it work!

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