Wednesday, May 11, 2011

KF Bachelor of the Month (May)

Ashley Ahmad Smith (Los Angeles, CA)

Knotts Fashion sits down to catch up with Ashley Smith in the west wing of a Pasadena home located a few miles north of downtown Los Angeles on a Monday evening.  Ashley is sharing his attention with his Laptop, Blackberry and his eyes fixated on his flat screen television as we watch the Oklahoma Thunder in triple over time against the Memphis Grizzlies for the NBA playoffs. As we sit around a table full of Fiji water bottles and Haribo gummy bears. Mr. Smith is outfitted casually in grey sweat pants, and a fitted t-shirt that reads his Greek fraternity letters slightly showing the tattoos on his arms.

"Its game time baby" Smith states as he places his Apple Ipad down and tunes into the second quarter of the game.

KF: Are you upset with the Lakers loss?

AAS: No, not at all, I haven’t picked a team to root for but next year I will pick a team. Dallas did a good job but I think D-wade and the King are too much to handle this year. I’m not saying they will walk over the Celtics but Wade is a talented athlete and LeBron plays with an attitude of a gladiator.

KF: In short describe Los Angeles.
AAS: This place is always moving at 100 miles an
hour in every direction. Well, except on the freeway!

KF: What do you think attracts women to you and why?
AAS: I think women are attracted to my intellect. They often tell me I make them think of things that other guys never make them think of (laughs).

KF: Describe one of your most memorable dates that you have been on?
AAS: (shakes head) I would have to say the time I went to a book store with a young lady. It was cool because we walked around peeking at each others books and then we sat down and ate ice cream talking about the books and all other kind of stuff. To me it was as if we became each others books in a store full of books.

KF: Did she show you all of her pages?
AAS: She was a lady, she didn't show me
all of her pages… That time (laughs).

KF: Tell me about the most romantic thing that has ever been done for you.
AAS: Sign a permission slip and then I'll tell you, until then my lips are sealed.

KF: Do you want to get married?
AAS: Of course I do.
KF: When?
AAS: I’m not sure when, but I’m guessing some time before I reach the age of 30. I want to enjoy my wife for many years.
KF: Do you have a woman in mind at the moment?
AAS: (sighs) I don't.

KF: You seem like a well put together guy. Does your future wife have to fit a certain mold?
AAS: I don’t like to set limitations on what she has to be or what she can and cannot bring to the relationship. That makes me shallow and limits my chances of meeting an amazing person don’t you think?. So no, she does not have to fit a mold. My only request for her is be honest. Hold on!

Ashley excuse's him-self from the room to take a Skype call from a friend in Texas whom he has not seen in a while.

AAS: Sorry about that, the time difference makes it hard to stay in touch with people you know?
KF: Yea, I understand.
AAS: Now, where were we sir?

KF: We left off about your dating requirements.
AAS: Oh yea, Honesty…That’s all!

KF: How do you feel about some of the recent fashion trends?
AAS: I love what people are doing right now. A lot of retro looks are resurfacing in many areas. I see younger crowds dressed in some of the styles that my mother draped me in during the late 80's and early 90's. Witch is an indication of history repeating itsself might I add.

KF: Who are some designers you like to wear?
AAS: I don't have a favorite, but I am always pleased with Hugo Boss and Tom Ford. There craftsmanship wins me over every time. Ermenegildo Zenga suits have been a favorite as of late because the quality of fabric.

KF: Any advice for men that want to dress better?
AAS: Find a tailor. Find a tailor Find a tailor (nods head).
KF: Last question, what do you want out of life?
AAS: Happiness, that over rules all things.

By this time, the game is over and the Oklahoma Thunder looks as if they will be advancing in the next round of the playoffs. I tell Mr. Smith that this concludes our interview and kindly thank him for his time and hospitality. Ashley replies by saying “mi casa su casa”. As we wrap up every thing AAS grabs a bottle of Grey Goose out his cabinet and poor’s him self a cocktail. He asks if I would join him and of course I could not decline after he was so generous to allow me to come into his home.

AAS: It’s a time for business and a time for pleasure. It is pleasure time my friend (checks Blackberry and picks up Ipad).


Favorite sport to watch: College Football

Favorite Drink: A dirty Vodka Martini garnished with a Lemon twist: Dry vermouth, Belvedere Vodka, "Shaken not stirred, a good martini depends on how the ice melts in the shaker”.

Book currently reading: The Life of Che Guevara. “Most people recognize Che Guevara as the right hand man to Cuban dictator Fidel Castro, but after closer examination Guevara was a very passionate man who's ideas led to the shaping of Cuba”

Favorite Era: 1970's Seems like an era full of love and Happiness.

Hobbies: Roller Skating, Motorcycle Riding

Most memorable moment as a Kid: Listening to the Jackson Five holiday album

Twitter: @Its_Asmith
Facebook: A Smith

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