Saturday, May 21, 2011

Watch your Etiquette...

Leisure Watch

               Dress Watch

Etiquette has been described as the conventional requirements to social behavior and proprieties of conduct as they were established in class or community or for any occasion. This definition is according to the Webster dictionary.

One of the most ignored distinctions out there is the difference between dress watches versus sports watches!

Most people are selecting their watches not for appropriate value but just the opposite. Why wear a little silver trinket easily hidden by your shirt cuff when you have the option to wear a diamond-studded watch bigger than a Flavor Flav’s neck watch, drawing the attention to your apparently limitless disposable income?

Assuming you are a gentleman, a wristwatch should be slender, plain, and elegant if you are attending a formal setting, i.e. black & white tie and charity events; Let’s just be safe and say an event that requests the attire of hard bottoms and a suit coat. However, this may be of surprise to you but visible timepieces are traditionally not worn with formal evening dressing, because timekeeping is not considered a priority, or at least shouldn’t be.

If you so choose to indulge yourself, the watch needs to be as slim and sleek as your tuxedo. Black tie is classic formal wear; keep your timepiece in the same league with a leather strap and basic black or gold face. Keep those chunky chronographs with the compasses at home or on the fishing boat, you need to be dressy, not flashy here.

A man should never bring his ”toys” to the office; try to refrain from exercising your freedom of fashion in the work place because it will not get you the well-deserved promotion. Sport watches (no pun) should be confined to leisure time.

Though fashion rules are less strict, respect for social settings should not be. Therefore, let’s do our research on our invitations, respect the suggested attire (in its entirety) and we guarantee our respect for ourselves and whom we do business with will grow.


  1. Very nice read....something as simple as a wrist watch could say so much about your etiquette and sophistication. Something all guys should be aware of.

  2. This is wrist wrappery 101. Great read Chadwick, respect the social setting. The last paragraph absolutely nailed it. Save the chunky, flashy timepiece for the night clubs and music videos. If you bring it to the Boardroom you could be giving off a negative impression to your colleagues and/or clients and not even realize it.