Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Ahh Yes! the "Briefcase" and "Superman"

Kenneth Cole
 Briefcase- At first, handbags were men’s accessory which they abandoned when it became synonyms with women. But as men’s fashion grows more streamlined, their handbags are once again making a comeback.  If you are a business man or a guy who deals with any type of business, you should consider looking into purchasing this item.  A briefcase screams class and elegance.  The greatest attribute about this item is that it can be worn with any thing, or actually with even nothing if that’s your vice.  If you’re any thing like most guys, you aren’t the most organized individual.  The Briefcase allows you to conquer this flaw while looking good all at the same time.
J.W. Hulme Co
Duffle Bag- EVERY man needs a duffle bag, especially if you travel a lot now or plan to travel in the future.  Have you ever seen a guy walking through the airport with a classic American style vintage leather duffle bag strapped to his shoulder? He virtually looks like Superman because he gives off this persona that he is harboring classified documents with in this unique looking bag.  Whether you have seen this happen or not, you need to be that guy.  This is an item that you will have for years upon years, the more worn down it is, the better it looks.  Now honestly, how many things you can say that about?!  

The very first handbags were literally crude pouches fashioned from leaves and animal hide. However, the first documented use of handbags is from the 14th century of Egyptian hieroglyphics which depict men carrying little sacks around the waist. Called pockets, these handbags were hung by thongs at the back of the girdle, and were used mainly by men to carry flint or money.
By the 1400s both men and women were using handbags, which gradually became a status symbol. People would adorn their handbags with jewelry or embroidery to reflect their wealth, and use expensive materials such as silk.

The term handbags actually only emerged in the 1900s, and was used to describe the luggage (similar to today’s satchels or briefcases) that men would carry. In the 50s, certain designers gained reputation for creating bold, beautiful and elegant handbags. This signaled the emergence of important designer houses: Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Hermes. Up to this day, handbags carrying their labels command a premium price.

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