Monday, May 23, 2011

Your walking RESUME The "Pocket Square"

The Pocket Square is a piece of your fashion resume.  To better describe, if it was to be on a resume, it would surely be located under the experience section.  The beauty of this small but very important material is that you can dress it up or down how ever you choose so.  When guys hear about pocket squares, most think about the traditional white cotton pocket square folded and placed so only a hint of cloth is visible.  Although one can never go wrong with that color or fold, this style is mostly worn when going to events that are more conservative.  Now as you decide to spruce your style up with the perfect finishing touch, a colorful pattern or unique combination is the icing on the cake. Also, remember that you do not want to over match your colors, some times adding a totally different color scheme is the difference maker when you choose to sport your resume. 

Here are some examples on how to incorporate a pocket square when dressing.  Notice the different ways they are used and how they complement the rest of their ensemble.

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