Monday, May 9, 2011

10 Important tips for guys to know before they go on the "First Date"

10. Smell Good: Not to the point where you are overly offensive because you’ve bathed in your favorite fragrance.

9. Dressed properly for the Occasion: It’s the first date, this is your chance to impress her with your sense of style.

8. Clean Vehicle: Make sure your car in cleaned. If your car is messy what do you think she will think about your apartment/ house? If you aren’t as tidy as you would like to be, spend an hour or so cleaning both the in/outside of your vehicle before you head out.

7. Chivalry: Open doors, pull out her chair and do NOT hunk the horn when you arrive to her residence. Be a gentleman, walk up to her home and greet her with flowers and a smile.

6. Proper Table Manners: Try to avoid messy meals such as spaghetti or any foods that you have to use your fingers. This is an easy way to lose brownie points in her eyes.

                                                                  Top Five

5. Good Hygiene: Women appreciate a well groomed guy. Clean nails, good smelling breath, and NO body odor. You are potentially the guy who she will be talking about for the next couple of weeks.

4. Make the Date Enjoyable: Dinner is always a safe choice, but don’t just stop there. Add in a play or a nice walk outside or even ice cream. Either way, be creative in order to make your date memorable.

3. Good Conversation: You are both trying to get know one another right? Make sure you ask the right questions that lead to her opening up.

2. Pay Attention: Make good eye contact- Women absolutely love feeling like they are the center of your attention. Again, you are trying to get to know her, so make her feel like you are interested in what she is saying

1. Sense of Humor: Women love a guy that can make them laugh. If you have a great sense of humor, this can possible substitute for two or maybe even three of the above tips. The amount of times that you have her laughing through out the date is a clear indicator of how much she is enjoying your company.


  1. Great thoughts, but remember the cell phone is not part of the outfit.

  2. I totally agree. The cell phone should be on silent and only checked if you have children or is apart of your job... Great advice Laugh and Lounge!